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Zodiac inspired color palettes

Color Astrology: Zodiac-Inspired Paint Palettes for Every Sign

Can your birth date play a role in the paint hues you choose or the projects you tackle? Find your astrological sign below to discover four zodiac-inspired colors to match your unique personality and design style.


Rebellious at heart and eccentric to the core, Aquarians dream of changing the world. Before you start that next community project, make a few changes closer to home. Try painting a bedroom accent wall in wanderlust-inspired hues like Unique Gray, Soar, Sky High or Resolute Blue.


Compassionate and artistic with an imagination as boundless as the sky above, Pisces tend to crave alone time—which comes in handy for DIY painting projects! Grab a brush and give your home office a repaint in Wondrous Blue, Artistic Taupe, Dreamy White or Comfort Gray.


Cheerful and free-spirited with an impulsive determination to tackle life head-on, there’s never been a DIY painting project an Aries can’t handle. Embrace that ambition then bring your big personality to life in a kid’s bedroom or craft area with hues that are as bold as you are like Show Stopper, Cheery, Impulsive Purple or Electric Lime.


Steadfast and dedicated with a desire for luxury, serenity, and life’s finer things, a Taurus always knows what they want—especially when it comes to picking the perfect paint color. Celebrate your strong sense of self with a living room refresh using Steady Brown, Serenely, Retreat or Gentle Grape.


Expressive and outgoing with the quick-witted curiosity to light up any social circle, Geminis love to entertain. Before you send out the next soirée invite, give your favorite party space a colorful refresh with walls painted in Hyper Blue, Overjoy, Jovial or Outgoing Orange.


Cancers are natural homebodies with sensitive souls and a love for self-care. To make your space into the spa-like oasis you’ve always dreamed of, treat yourself to a bathroom cabinet repaint in Waterscape, Shell White, Celestial or Homestead Brown.


Wildly outgoing and fearless with a relentless hunger for the spotlight, a Leo’s home is their kingdom. Ready to be bold and brave with your color choices, too? Add an accent wall in Exuberant Pink, Luxurious Red, Brave Purple or Glitzy Gold.


Always helpful and deeply kind with a smart and sensible approach to the world, Virgos make amazing painting partners. So, grab your bestie and tackle that kitchen cabinet repaint you’ve been dreaming of! Try lower cabinets in Loyal Blue, or Saguaro with upper cabinets in Sensible Hue or Intellectual Gray.


Balanced and dependable with an intrinsic desire for beauty, harmony and peace of mind, Libras love a color palette that can flow from room to room. Why not paint a hallway in Peace of Mind and continue into the bedrooms with Aviary Blue, Easy Green or Hopeful?


Deeply passionate and quietly intuitive with a seductive flair for mystery, Scorpios love a good transformation. Head outside this weekend and give your front door or shutters a fresh coat of curb appeal with Intuitive, Black of Night, Expressive Plum or Mysterious Mauve.


Free-spirited and effortlessly magnetic with an unrivaled need for adventure, a Sagittarius isn’t afraid to experiment with color. Have a well-worn piece of furniture that needs a fresh new start? Give it a coat of Rojo Dust, Mountain Road, Distance or Magnetic Gray.


Unwaveringly focused and practical with the can-do attitude to conquer any obstacle, Capricorns possess the DIY skills others only dream of. Grab a roller and put those talents to good use by painting multiple accent walls (or ceilings!) in grounded hues like Relentless Olive, Wall Street, Practical Beige or Night Owl.

Are the stars aligned? Drop a comment below and tell us which hues from your zodiac palette spoke to you.

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